Call for Papers


The International Journal of Accounting, Business and Finance (e-ISSN 2583-2123) is a bi-annual journal that publishes high-quality research and review articles in accounting, business, and finance-related disciplines. The journal aims to stimulate the development of accounting, business, and finance-related disciplines theory worldwide by publishing interesting articles in a highly readable format.

The journal covers a wide variety of topics including (but not limited to):

  • Financial markets- national and international, financial econometrics, Corporate finance, Investments, Derivatives, Banking.
  • Marketing research, market segmentation, positioning, pricing, relationship marketing, business marketing, social marketing, internet marketing, advertising, branding, customer behavior analysis;
  • Future trends in HRM, Strategic HRM, International HRM, Organizational culture, Responsible and sustainable HRM, People analytics;
  • International and financial accounting, Management and cost accounting, Tax, Auditing, Accounting information systems, Environmental and social accounting, Corporate governance: accounting/finance, Ethical issues in accounting and financial reporting,
  • International business.

General instructions for preparing the manuscript

Content suggestions: The introduction should include a statement of the problem being addressed, its implications, originality, and potential audiences. The conclusion should tell the reader clearly what the study finds or demonstrates. It should be consistent with the objectives outlined in the introduction. It should describe the implications of the results for researchers, traders, policymakers, etc. Use present tense throughout (introduction, main body, conclusion). Past tense should be reserved for descriptions of past research.

Headings/Sub-headings: Headings should be in bold and italicised while the sub-headings should be italicised. The font must be similar to that of the text. Sub-headings should be numbered as 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and so on.

Literature citations: Literature citations should be made in the latest APA style. References should include all the text citations, which means the references should refer only to the material listed within the text. Do not abbreviate journal names. Authors should review and verify references before manuscripts are submitted for consideration because they alone are responsible for accuracy and completeness.

Tables: Each table must be cited in the text, and the tables themselves should be embedded in the article text. All tables should be numbered consecutively with Roman numerals and should include an explanatory heading for the table as a whole and each column within the table. All tables should be orientated like portrait.

Figures: Figures should also be embedded in the text. Please cite the figure in the article text. Figures must be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals. All figures should be orientated like portrait and must be made only of black & white.

Please refer to the Author Guidelines for more details.